Mixed Media Jellyfish

We studied Guy Harvey one year after I'd seen his work at the Pensacola Museum of Art. I let the classes vote on what ocean animal they wanted to create. We used the democratic process and talked about what that meant. I wrote about the sea turtles here.  (I have GOT to get around to posting/writing about/sharing the photos of that Guy Harvey exhibit!)

Here's an example of a jellyfish from that same unit. 

It is created on medium weight cream tag board. It took two sheets for each student. They created their background by drawing circles with crayons and painting with liquid watercolor. Then, they sprinkled A LOT of salt on it to get that white sparkly texture. They used the other sheet to create the top of the jellyfish shape. They added patterns to that with crayons and markers. Then, they cut old t-shirts into strips for the tentacles/arms. Regular school glue was used to hold everything together.

These were very eye-catching and also popular with the students.


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