Art Teachers are Artists Too! #1

I really think it is important for art teachers (well, any teacher) to maintain their own artistic livelihoods. I spent so much energy and time building my art program for several years that I almost lost my own artistic self. Truly. I felt it slipping away. 

So, about two years ago I decided to make an intentional effort to create my own artwork whenever and wherever I could. 

My point is that we need to be true to our own artistic selves. We need to remain artists as much as we need to focus on being art teachers. 

I love a good quote graphic. Especially a pink one with polka dots.

One way I began to work on this for myself was by taking classes and engaging with others online. Those are easy enough, right? You can do that too, right?

Of course you can. I will support you! Let me know how I can help!

In the meantime, here are some photos of a few of my own personal artworks. I have more to share, and you can look for more posts on this topic to come soon.

Please share your own experiences related to your personal artwork. I'd love to hear from you! 

I used like favorite thing create these glass pieces. I know you see those polka dots on the one below. That's right. I figured out how to get polka dots even into a work of glass. These haven't yet been fired in the photos.

These photos of ceramics are pre-firing. I know you see those polka dots. I was so proud of that Mississippi. 

This is something that I created after my uncle passed away. It says "May the work I've done speak for me." That's my own personal motto. I try to live my life by that. It was also embroidered onto my uncle's casket. So, this is especially meaningful to me. As soon as I find the rest of the photos of this, I'll share more pics!