Arts Integration: ELA, Storytelling, and Visual Art

The other project I wrote about was a storyteller who came to work with my third graders. He worked with them in their ELA classes, but we also did some follow up work in the art class. The storyteller's name is Terrence Roberts, or Da Story Weaver. We LOVE him at my school. This was his second year to come work with our students. He is located in Mississippi. Here's a video of him telling stories about Anasi.

Here are some photos from his visit and the work we did in our art class after. You can read a lot more about it on the PBS blog. 

I forgot what this is called, but it is a beautiful instrument. It makes a lovely sound that is very soothing. I think I need to see about getting one of these for my classroom. 

These are parts of different stories. 

Da Story Weaver in my art classroom.