Back-to-School Resources

Back-to-school we go!

How about some resources to get you started on the right foot?

Analyzing Art Freebie

First off, here is a freebie to help your students analyze a work of art. It is a graphic organizer where they can record their thoughts while looking at a work. 

Early Finishers

Here's the description from TpT: 

Nip that "What do I do now?" question right in the bud with this activity. This includes five sets of scenarios for students to draw in the Free Draw Challenge. Included are images from actual student work and of how I have this set up in my classroom. You will also find instructions and helpful hints on how to make this an actual challenge and not just plain 'ol free draw. This resource is designed to provide activities for an entire school year. This is my favorite resource that I have ever created!

Sub Binder

Every year at the beginning of the year, we have to create a sub folder. I know, I know, we are always looking for the one! Right? I've found that there is no one-size-fits-all sub folder bundle. So, I created these cute dividers just to put in my sub binder. The black and white version is free! Woohoo! The color version is only $5!

Quotes by Famous Artists

Arts-Integrated First Week Activity

This is my favorite back-to-school arts-integrated lesson. It offers students the chance to make something beautiful while following oral directions. Each product will be a unique work of art, and students cannot mess it up. They will all be successful. You will be able to assess their listening skills, fine motor skills, understanding of positional words, etc. This resource will give you everything you need to use this lesson with your students (minus the art supplies, of course). It is available for only $10! Be sure to check out the blog post about this one. You can see many of my students products here. 

Thanks for checking out these resources. I truly hope they help you have a great school year. Let me know if you have any questions.