Kids Love Zentangles

Here's a scientific fact for you:

All kids love zentangles.

I made that up. It's not scientific. But, I think it's true! My students love them! They love to look at them and make their own. I like to use the concept for our Square 1 Art fundraiser pieces. Here are some different ways my students have created zentangles for this purpose. 

We use the heck out of some Crayola Construction Paper Crayons in my classroom. The colors are so yummy and vibrant. They work well with paint washes too. 

Notice the differences in the vibrancy of the color in the top two compared to the bottom two. It isn't because they colored lighter (applied less pressure). It is because the bottom two are regular crayons. The top two are construction paper crayons. Crayola did not pay me to write this! I just really love those crayons!

Sorry for the lack of proper cropping on these photos!