Lego Portraits

The fourth grade teachers at my school always love this Lego Self-Portrait project. (SHOUT OUT to you wonderful fourth grade math teachers!)

Each is pretty unique, which I value. I also like how they ask the students to find area and perimeter. They also find fractional parts. You can see the math work that accompanies this lesson attached in the photos. 

I actually really like it when students can create something and take and manipulate mathematical calculations from it. I think this raises engagement. I'd have loved this as a student, and I hated math (still do, with a passion you don't see everyday). I know I'd have been tremendously connected and invested in this lesson because I'd have created something. I was all about the self-expression and creativity! Who isn't?

This is a good back to school activity, I think. They can create their portrait in the first week or two of school. Then, they can use it to introduce themselves to their new classmates. Then, when these math skills are taught, they can get this artwork back out and revisit it for math skills. ALL THE CONNECTIONS!

This lesson came from here.

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Have you taught this lesson? Tried something similar? Got other ideas? Want me to check out your blog post about it? Just share, my friends. Just share! Always share!