The Degas House in NOLA

Did you know that Edgar Degas spent some time in New Orleans?

He did. You can visit The Degas House at 2306 Esplanade Avenue. It is worth a trip if you are in NOLA. They have a bed and breakfast and can also host ceremonies and receptions. The NOLA Degas House is the only home of Degas anywhere in the world that is open to the public. 

Here is a photo from across the street. 

I just always love when the sunlight does this in a photograph.

If I understood correctly, there are two buildings. There is a sort of breezeway between them. You can see that in this photograph. These two structures used to be one building. 

Informational sign.

Inside the first building.

Inside first building. That is the family tree behind the tour guide who is speaking to us.

She is talking about Degas' Cotton Buyer or Cotton Merchants in New Orleans, and how he completely changed his style while in NOLA. This is a reproduction. The original is in Harvard Art Museum's Collection.

Between the two buildings. 

This is the set up of the room where Degas spent his five months.

Another photo of the room. 

I was really fascinated with this tile. I believe they said it was the original flooring.  

Another photo of the room. They host resident artists here. I believe that is what this was supposed to represent. 


It was a beautiful place to visit.