What Would You Do with This Early Finishers Piece?

Someone gave us this metal roof flashing. It has rectangles on it and a nice bumpy texture. It had been painted red and used as the outside of a schoolhouse mural. So, it looked like a building. That is why there are some slits that can be seen in the photo. Those were the doors. Anyway, I put these two LARGE pieces on some tables and put out a bunch of paint. I just let kids go up and paint, and paint, and paint. They did a pretty good job free painting on it I think. (I monitored them to ensure they were safe with the slits, don't worry. I'm very responsible with the safety of my students.)

These photographs are of the same piece at different points in the process.

I don't know what to do with it now. The off white lines need to be cleaned up, and I have some students that can do that. But, what else could we do? I'd love to hear your ideas! Reach out on social media or in the comments here! Thanks!