di Niccolo's Triptych at SLAM

I always love the 15th century religious art. I particularly love triptychs such as this one by Lorenzo di Niccolo (di Martino). This is tempera and gold leaf on panel. The golden color is breathtaking. This one exemplifies the 15th century taste for elegance.

Depicted here are Mary, Christ, and four saints. The saints are separated from the Virgin and Christ in their own individual compartments. Their names appear in the blue border at the bottom. This depicts St. Christopher, St. Blaise,  St. Sebastian, and St. Francis. God, the archangel Gabriel, and Mary are depicted at the Annunciation at the top. 

I have never ventured into teaching artwork such as this at the elementary level. However, at the high school level, I would think this type of art would be essential to understanding art history. If anyone has ideas about teaching this at the elementary level, please share.

Although I've never taught triptychs, I can envision integrating math skills into this. Fractions, thirds, balance, proportion, symmetry, etc. would all be appropriate. 

If you have any thoughts, please share!