Gasa Gasa NOLA

Gasa Gasa is in New Orleans. As you have probably figured out,  we get to go to NOLA three or four times a year. That's a bonus of having my only sibling live there. 

I've never actually been in Gasa Gasa, but here is what the website says about it:

As Uptown's newest venue for the arts we live to host live music local art exhibitions, film screenings and recording sessions.

Our goals are simple. We want to highlight the local talent that surrounds us and create a room accessible to all forms of artistic expression. 

Sounds awesome. I think my hometown needs a place like this. Also, I think I need to actually visit the venue. I have walked past it many times. My brother had some of his wedding photos made in front of it (which was awesome and I was jealous that I didn't think of that).

The mural is really cool. It was painted by street artist MTO. Check out the Facebook page. There is also an article about it. (Link for the article.) Apparently it is based on the philosophical book, The Fall. Let's all go check out that book. (Link for book Wikipedia article.)

Here are some photos of me in front of the mural. Check out the article for a few more pics. 

How can we use this work of art in our classrooms? Would this be something you could show the students to have them create a work of art based on a text? I think I like that idea. If you think of others, share!