Variety and Pattern with Romero Britto

I taught my students about Romero Britto, who I adore! Each grade level created something similar to one of his works. We focused on variety and pattern. I really liked this project. Okay, let me just be honest with you.

I found this one in the "drafts" of the blog. It is from my very first art classroom. So, it is like 6 years old. We did this for Square 1 the very first year I taught art. It was great. They all did well. I might do this again soon, especially if we are able to do Square 1 Art again as a fundraiser.

This was the vocabulary board for the project. I didn't have a printer. I had to hand letter everything. I think I printed that Britto image at home and brought it to school. 

The mess on the tables. This is a sign of some good art-making, right?