Zentangle Art to Brag About

This is a beautiful and truly unique piece of artwork created by one of my private art students from a couple of years ago. 

We had been talking about Zentangles, and she was really intrigued by the Zentangles that have specific shapes. So, we set out to create a Zentangle in a specific shape. However, as she worked, she ended up with a very random patterned background. She really wanted to add flowers to it. So, I gave her some watercolor paper, florescent oil pastels, and watercolor paint. She painted the flowers, cut them out, and arranged them on the background. Very creative and lovely, indeed.

Now, how can we use this in our classrooms? I think this is something that we can do with a classroom full of students. They can each create something similar after learning about pattern. OR, we could create collaborative pieces. FUN!!