Triangle Christmas Trees

Need something for that week of school in December right before the break? What about the day before Thanksgiving break? Have the students create these trees. 

Here's how:
1. Have the students draw the triangles for the trees and squares/rectangles for trunks. Make sure they overlap. This will create depth, which incorporates the concept of space. That makes it arts-integrated.
2. Trace the lines with a black marker.
3. Use crayons to draw patterns on the trees and in the background. 
4. Use liquid watercolors or watercolor cakes to paint over the crayon. The crayons will resist the paint. 
5. Have the students measure the angles. .

I use Crayola's Construction Paper Crayons. They look amazing underneath watercolor paint.

This is the kind of watercolor paint we used. It goes far with a lot of students. A classroom teacher could make this last several years. You can add water to it to stretch it.

I love the measurement part. That will cover tested content...ummmmm I mean the curriculum....but also be fun and easy for those weird days in the calendar (like the day before Thanksgiving break).

Any other ideas? Please be sure to share!