Welcome to the NEW, TUPELO Party in the Art Room

This blog has been super quiet for the last eight months. That's because I've been working to transition Party in the Art Room into a local, Tupelo-and-the-surrounding-areas-based business.

My New Gig

I am currently an artist in residence at the Link Centre. I have a sweet studio there where I create my own art and develop lessons for kids. I have access to a classroom where I teach homeschool art classes, after school art classes, adult art classes, and host artsy birthday parties! It is AWESOME!

I'm doing Facebook Lives every Wednesday now.  Here's one where I answer the question: Amanda, what is it you do now?

I would LOVE for you to follow Party in the Art Room on Facebook. I'm totally still rebranding and reworking this site as well as the Facebook page, but I'd love you to follow along!

Tupelo's #1 Outlet for Art-Based Experiences

My goal is to make Party in the Art Room the #1 outlet for art-based experiences in Tupelo and the surrounding areas. I'm already well on the way to that goal. Currently, I am teaching a homeschool art class every Wednesday and an after school art class every Tuesday. I also have an adult painting class coming up on September 1. 

Additionally, through Party in the Art Room, I offer Teaching Artist and arts-based consulting opportunities for local schools through Title funding, grant programs, and donations. If you would like me to come to your school, talk to me! I can help you fund a program with students and/or teachers. My passions for working with schools is arts integration and classroom management. I've been vetted thoroughly by the Mississippi Arts Commission and was added to the Teaching Artist Roster in 2018. (P.S. I can travel outside the state for this work as well. Talk to me. Have art, will travel!)

If you are interested in the classes, check out the Facebook Page for links to more info and to sign up. You can always text me at 662.254.4130. I would love to chat with you about what I have to offer. 

Sneak Peak at the Classes

With this announcement, I want to share some of the amazing work that is already happening in the art classes I'm teaching at the Link Centre. These photos show works that are in-process and are going to be so amazing when finished. 

Here's a video snippet of a Facebook Live I did at our homeschool art class last week that shows what the kids are working on. 

Don't Worry, My Teacher Resources Have Not Disappeared

So, a big part of what I do is creating resources for teachers who use the arts and arts integration. I have not given that up at all. I'm still working closely with Education Closet, but I am also launching a new site called The Simple Art Class. This is where you will find all of those resources that I share. It is not finished. So, don't give up on me local people if you are looking for teaching resources. I'm moving everything over and setting up as fast as I can! If you are a fan of my work at the larger level but don't need Tupelo-specific info, make sure you go follow The Simple Art Class on Facebook. 

Just to be clear, Party in the Art Room will now be a local blog! The Simple Art Class is the new home of my larger-scale work with educators. Make sense? I sure hope so! 

Not to Late to Sign Up

I will alway be signing up people for the classes and parties. If you've missed the first couple of classes, don't worry. I'll work with you or your kiddo to get caught up and prorate the tuition. So, don't let it hinder you that you didn't get signed up right away. This is new, and you may just now be hearing about it. That's totally okay! Remember, all the sign up links and info can be found on the Facebook Page. Make sure you LIKE that page and FOLLOW so you can keep up with the artsy goings on!

-All my best,