Amanda Koonlaba, Ed. S. - Creative Director, Lead Educator, Owner

Jenn Hudson - Educator, Lead Artist


Integrity, Trust, and High-Quality

We build trust among our families and students with great intention. We maintain the highest level of integrity because we believe in doing what is right for human beings no matter what.

Students are ALWAYS the ones doing the creative work. Process is more important than product because process is where the learning and growth take place. Families can trust that the work their children create at Party in the Art Room is their own. Finally, we believe in providing high-quality art experiences and instruction. This is three-fold:
1. Students work with a variety of media, including both professional-quality materials and reusable/up-cycled materials.
2. Students are instructed by artists. All of our instructors are practicing artists who have been trained in the Party in the Art Room teaching methodology. Our directors are both award-winning artists and educators. All teachers are mentored by the directors.
3. Students create authentic work. It is their work. They make the creative decisions. The work reflects each student as an individual and as an artist.

Creativity and Wholeness

Whole child, whole brain. Abandoning the prescribed.

Schools and instructors are leaning more toward scripted lessons that ensure students and schools make adequate yearly progress and show academic growth on standardized tests. We believe in SHARPLY avoiding standardization and scripted lessons. We believe in artistic problem-solving that promotes critical and creative thinking.


Every human being can create. Every human being deserves the opportunity to create. We embrace the diversity of human life. We are both elated and equipped to meet all of our students where they are. Our teachers are trained to meet the cognitive and behavioral needs of our students while also teaching visual art skills and coaching creativity.

Better Together

It IS possible to reach the top without stepping on others to get there. We aim to be part of the village that teaches this to our students. We also believe that creativity is not a limited resource. You cannot use up creativity. One person's creative spark does not distinguish another's creative fire. There is enough creativity (and good in the world) for everyone! While we do encoura


We bring the positivity to all things, and we never even dabble a little bit in negativity.

Civic Engagement

We believe what we do matters to the bigger picture of the human experience. Party in the Art Room engages in community events and enjoys many partnerships. We do a service art project each spring and fall. Additionally, we routinely partner with Civic Ballet, North Mississippi Dance Centre, The Link Centre, Tupelo Rocks, 10 for Tupelo, and the Tupelo Arts Council. Our students are afforded opportunities to volunteer through our partnerships as well.


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